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Take the Test to Determine if Marriage Compatibility

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Marriage compatibility is the single most important thing when it comes to deciding if the person you're considering proposing to is 'the one'. This is not to say that you need to share the same hobbies, interests and tastes in music, but you do need to have similar core values and long term aims and hopes for the relationship if the engagement is to stand a real chance of working. This article takes a closer look at marriage compatibility and is essential reading if you're planning on popping the question anytime soon.


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A Guide to Marriage Compatibility



Marriage Compatibility
Perhaps it was ‘love at first sight’ and you knew that you were meant to be together forever since the time your eyes first met. Perhaps marrying your partner is written in the stars. Perhaps you have been together for years but recent events have brought you even closer together and you are now ready to make a long-term commitment. Perhaps the bride-to-be is pregnant (joke!). Whatever the reason, the engagement is the start of a long-term commitment, and it is important that you are 100% sure that marriage compatibility exists between you and the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with.




There is no official way to determine long-term marriage compatibility and happiness, and after all they do say that chalk and cheese attract, but even so, seeing whether you agree or disagree with the points set out below may help you to decide whether you are thinking of proposing marriage to the right person for you.

The Marriage Compatability Test

So if you're ready for our marriage compatibility quick-fire test, ask yourself:

Weddingsday Do you both have some similar interests and hobbies?

Weddingsday Do you each have some individual interests, hobbies or pursuits?

Weddingsday Do you both want the same things out of family life?

Weddingsday Do you get the right amount of love and understanding from your partner?

Weddingsday Does your partner pay attention and actively listen to you?

Weddingsday Do you both contribute equally to the household (either financially or homekeeping – both are of equal importance)?

Weddingsday Do you share similar views about your love life and know how to make each other happy?

Weddingsday Is your partner also one of your closest friends?

Weddingsday Do you respect your partner and treat them as an equal?

Weddingsday Do you want to grow old and experience everything life has to offer with your partner?

Weddingsday Does your partner respect you and treat you as an equal?

Weddingsday Are you happy and content to be faithful and committed to this person for the rest of your life?

Weddingsday Do you believe marrying this person will be a life time commitment for you and does your partner feel the same?

Once you've finished with the test yourself, try asking your partner to consider the statements from their perspective and discuss any of the points that you disagree on. This might prove a little tricky, but by doing this now it gives you the chance to resolve any issues and possibly be even stronger as a result.

Disagreeing on some of the points doesn’t mean that marriage compatibility doesn't exist, it may just mean that a particular element is not important to you both or that you’ll need to focus, and work together, on that area of your relationship. If you disagree on them all however, that may be a different matter!

To suceed, all marriages require communication, compromise and effort. Given that you're considering marrying this special person, now's as good a time as any to begin down that path and assess your marriage compatibility.





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