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Free Wedding Speech Guide teaching you How to Write a Wedding Speech

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The art of wedding speech writing doesn't come easy, but there are a whole host of things you can do and tactics you can employ to help you along the way.


This article takes a closer look at how to write a wedding speech that will last a long time in the memories of everyone who's been there to witness it.



How To Write A Wedding Speech Pt. 1: Do Your Research


The first thing anyone should do when comtemplating how to write a wedding speech is to grab a notepad and pen and write down anything and everything they know about the subject and subject matter. In fact, wherever you go, keep a notebook handy for making on the spot notes - you will be surprised as to where and when you will find inspiration and thoughts.


Once you've exhausted your own little grey cells, aim to speak to as many friends, relatives, neighbours and old schoolteachers as you can for stories and anecdotes. Every person you speak to will add to your knowledge base - get as much material as you can up front then get rid of the weaker bits nearer to the day.



How To Write A Wedding Speech Pt. 2: Add Your Own Unique Material


Once you've done your research, the next stage is to add your own unique ideas and material to the mix. For those looking to write a humerous speech, our funny wedding speeches article is a must read, whilst our wedding jokess (coming soon) should also help you out. For those looking for a unique angle to approach the speech from, you could try one of the five following suggestions:


Weddingsday Talk about similarities between the Bride and Groom and famous people they share their birthday with or a modern day celebrity couple they ‘are most like’. Alternatively, relate the Bride, Groom or both to current affairs or celebrity gossip.





Weddingsday Find out what astrological traits the Bride and/or Groom should have, what their forenames & surnames mean or 'what happened on this day in history’ and apply them accordingly.


Weddingsday As long as they are relevant and not too obscure, incorporate words from a popular songs or poems into your speech and see how long it takes everyone to catch on.


Weddingsday Develop a Top 5 list on whatever subject you fancy – ‘The Top 5 reasons I got married today’, ‘The Top 5 reasons my wife and I will miss our daughter’, ‘The Top 5 reasons why the Bride doesn’t know what she’s let herself in for’ etc. Make it relevant, short and a mix of sincerity and humour, and you can’t go wrong. This is also an ideal intro as all you are doing is simply reading from a sheet of paper David Letterman style.


Weddingsday Use a theme for your speech. If the couple are footy mad fans weave in as many football team names into the speech, or for sweet-toothed lovers, mention as many chocolate bars as you can and see how many the guests can spot!



How To Write A Wedding Speech Pt. 3: Write the Speech


There's no magic formula you can apply to the physical writing of a wedding speech, no universal set of rules that apply to all, it's simply a matter of trial and error. For some, armed with all the research and material it will literally be a five minute job, for others it could take weeks. But regardless of which camp you fall into, the following hints and tips should help everyone wanting to know how to write a wedding speech.


Weddingsday Make sure your speech has a definite beginning a structured middle bit and a big finish.


Weddingsday Write the speech on a computer, ideally using a password-protected word processing programme to keep it away from prying eyes and make it easily editable. If you hand-write your speech, keep it under lock and key and take photocopies just in case.


Weddingsday Be natural in your writing style and avoid words that you wouldn’t normally use.


Weddingsday Remember that your speech is heard not read, so make sure the language isn’t too formal or impersonal. If in any doubt, run your speech past a trusted source for their opinion.


Weddingsday Don't expect to write a speech that even Martin Luther King or JFK would be proud of with your first effort. Write, re-write and refine your speech over time until you are happy with the result. Don't be afraid to reword any parts of the speech which you struggle to remember or read out.



If you're still struggling with how to write a wedding speech after following all the advice in this article, the only thing we could suggest in to enlist the help of a professional speech writer. There are loads about these days and they won't cost as much as you think, so they're well worth considering.



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