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Action Men & Women

For those of you who want more than lazy days and early nights, sport is often a great way of getting some fresh air and really bonding as you play together. With this is mind, you should think about what sports appeal to you and try to book into a location which offers as many as possible.


Golf, tennis and a whole host of watersports are particularly common finds but don’t assume that every destination can offer this. Certain sporting activities have pre-requisites – some golf courses require handicap certificates whilst some tennis courts require you to take along your own racquets and balls. It is always worth doing a little bit of investigation up front to save disappointment when you arrive.


If it’s pure romance, peace, tranquillity and seclusion you are after from your honeymoon then there are plenty of destinations able to cater to your needs. A quintessential honeymoon will offer all these things but it is important that you know exactly what you are getting yourself in for and whether this is really what you are after.

Fourteen nights tucked away in a remote location with no TV, little or no contact with other people, and nothing to do all but hold hands and kiss, will make some people smile from ear-to-ear, whilst for others it may seem like hell. If you are travelling with your children, places like this should be avoided unless you want to hear ‘Mum/Dad, I’m bored’ ringing in your ears 24-7. Likewise, if you’re a social chap, little or no contact with the outside world could drive you up the wall, so again you may want somewhere just a little more lively.




However, if the thought of gazing only at your partner day after day and night after night fills you with delight, then get booking. For extra romance, you may wish to book somewhere with/near a health spa – there’s nothing more romantic than a couples massage after a busy day doing nothing!

To obtain the exclusivity needn’t cost the earth, at least not if you’re willing to forgo the sun and beach. Remote islands in the Maldives are perfect for those with cash to spare, French chateaux’s ideal for those with a decent amount of cash, and for those on a budget, a remote cottage in the Lakes will serve the same purpose (and if you’re lucky the sun may even come visit for a day or two!)

Night Owls

Many couples will already know what they plan to do on a night (nudge, nudge, wink, wink!),  but if you are after a little more night-time activity then it is important that you choose a destination that can cater for your needs.

You need to be certain about what it is you want from a night out – if it’s jam-packed bars and pulsating nightclubs, then perhaps a trip to the middle of the Amazonian rainforest isn’t for you, likewise if it’s a few peaceful beach bars and a nice restaurant then San Antonio in Ibiza could well be worth avoiding. You really need to know what you want and then consult as many sources as possible for information about resorts you are considering – travel guides, travel agents, internet sites and friends and family who’ve been should all be quizzed.

One final point to consider with regards nightlife is cost . For example, a pint of beer in Prague costs a heck of a lot less than a similarly priced beverage in Oslo, so if you want to get tipsy on a regular basis, perhaps somewhere like the Czech Republic is a wiser choice than a destination such as Norway.



Whatever activities appeal, just make sure that you both agree on them. If in any disagreement or doubt, then why not do as more and more couples are doing, and book up a dual centre break – you may even want to spend the first part of the honeymoon doing one of the specialist activities we discussed right at the beginning of this article.


Your honeymoon is special, so spend some time discussing what you want from it and do your research. Whatever you decide, don’t do what some couples do and book something on the spur of the moment from a travel agents window just because ‘it was a good price’.

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