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Honeymoon Resort Styles, Themes & Activities

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Before determining where you want to go on honeymoon, it is essential that you spend some time considering what it is that you want to get up to whilst you’re away (we are referring to non-bedroom activities by the way!). This article takes a closer look at honeymoon style and activites and provides you with some ideas for both.


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There are a heck of a lot of choices, much more than immediately hit they eye. The majority of couples will want a non-specialist honeymoon where activities are available, yet optional. However, for those of you who are keen to take on a specific challenge for the duration of your stay, why not book up on one of the following ‘alternative’ honeymoons:

  • Ranching (the American mid-west is an ideal spot)
  • Cycling (super flat Belgium is perfect, or the hills and valleys of Wales if you fancy a challenge)
  • Art School (mainland Europe is a hotbed for this)
  • Hiking (Val-der-ee, Aus-tri-a!)
  • Safari (Kenya and South Africa offer some of the worlds finest reserves, if you’re game!)
  • Touring (how about Tasmania, you little devil!)
  • Skiing/Snowboarding (Banff in Canada, or St Moritz in Switzerland to name just two)
  • Canal Boating (Holland or the Norfolk Broads)
  • Cruising (Alaska, Norway, Caribbean or the Canaries – pretty much wherever there is water!)

Now for those of you who have got this far and are thinking ‘none of those appealed to me, yeah I guess we could hire bikes but we don’t want to spend all fourteen days pedalling around!’ well let’s first of all tell you that you aren’t alone. So rather than spending hours talking about the pro’s and con’s of mountain bikes over road bikes, we thought it wise to get stuck into optional activities that you may want to look for when determining your end destination.



Sun Worshippers

There will be those of you who will be looking for nothing more than a beach, a bed and a bar from your honeymoon destination, and who could blame you? After months, perhaps years of planning and one long, exhilarating day, you can easily be forgiven for wanting nothing more than to relax and get a tan.




If it is purely the sun you are after, then the time of year you are getting wed and your honeymoon budget will largely dictate the options open to you. Think about whether it is a coastal destination you are after or whether you would be OK staying inland, somewhere with lush tropical landscapes and one or more Olympic sized swimming pools for example. Likewise, you should also consider the clientele you want to mingle with – hotels with activity clubs are a haven for families whilst certain resorts worldwide attract more youthful (dare we say drunken!) crowds.




If you plan to book a beach resort, pay close attention to the beach itself – a barefoot moonlit walk hand-in-hand along the shore is really romantic, but it is a heck of a lot more comfortable on a white powder beach than one with shingle and pebbles everywhere.




Finally, you must determine whether it is a pure beach holiday you’re after or somewhere with other optional activities nearby just in case. A desert island break may appeal, but you need to ask yourself whether this will still appeal ten days into your holiday.

City Slickers

Who says that you must go away for 2 or 3 weeks? More and more couples are choosing to book one, or a series of, city breaks in Europe and the Rest of the World. City breaks give you the opportunity to spend a few days taking in all that somewhere has to offer – from buildings and museums, to restaurants and nightlife. If this does appeal, then you will need to discuss which city, or cities, appeal and it may help if you plan an itinerary for when you get there as things can be fast-paced.

If you plan to take in more than one, travel times and costs also need to be given careful consideration. City guide books are an ideal place to start when planning your short break and planning up front is essential if you want to maximise your trip – but just remember, this is your honeymoon so make sure that you make some time for the more lovey-dovey stuff!

Day Trippers

Different resorts offer different experiences and excursion opportunities. It is rare to find anywhere that offers nothing (if you hear of any, please tell us so we can avoid it!). Whether it’s a visit to a theme park, a local cultural haunt or a night cruising and dancing on a boat down the river, there is normally a varied set of opportunities providing something for everyone.

You will need to determine what type of excursions are of particular interest to you as a couple. If it’s particularly history and culture you are after then choose somewhere that can provide you with lots of opportunities to satisfy your needs and base yourself in a resort within easy travelling distance of the main highlights. As an example, Sharm el Sheikh is a great place to base yourself if you want to take in all the history Egypt has to offer – you are within comfortable travelling distance of Cairo, Giza and Luxor but you get the benefit of being based on Egypt’s Red Sea Riviera and all it has to offer.

You also need to determine whether it is pre-bookable, traditional tourist excursions that you’re after (head somewhere popular with the Brits – Spain, Turkey, Malta etc. if you want a large selection of these) or whether you are wanting to head to places off your own back. Travel guides and holiday brochures should give you a really good indication of what is available and how easy things are to get to if you plan to do so yourself


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