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Honeymoon & Travel Q&A : Honeymoon Sex Question

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Q: How Can We Spice Up our Honeymoon Sex?



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Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned pro, the act of lovemaking can be different every time, and there’s no harm in spicing it up every now and again – in fact, what better place to do so than on the your honeymoon! With that in mind, here are some handy ideas that may help you out in the honeymoon sex department:


Weddingsday Wear some sexy lingerie: Purchased in advance, sexy lingerie is an essential part of any Bride’s outfit. Have a discussion about 6 months before the big day to find out what your partner finds sexy in the way of underwear and surprise them on the night. This one ain’t just for the girls either – you fellas out there should put some effort in on this front too!

Weddingsday Keep your outfits on: We all have our fantasies, and let’s face it how many other times will you both have these outfits on? Go on, have a bit of fun with your honeymoon sex!

Weddingsday Create an ambiance: Forget the honeymoon sex - concentrate on honeymoon love making! Dim the lights, light some candles and scented jos-sticks, put that Barry White album on to play and away you go. Creating the right atmosphere to get you in the mood involves arousing all the senses – sound and smell are just as important as sight and touch when it comes to love-making.


For the remainder of your honeymoon, why not pack some saucy novels, massage oils, squirty cream and perhaps even a copy of the Karma Sutra to get you in the mood. You may also find skinny dipping or putting into practice some of the more romantic Magical Memories we suggest of ‘use’.





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