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Guide to Honeymoon Night Hotels & Accommodation

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The most obvious alternative to booking accomodation at your wedding reception venue is to look elsewhere to a nearby hotel. Perhaps there is a fantastic place to stay nearby that would be ideal for the night, but was perhaps too small or could not cater for your wedding requirements - if you know of such a place then go ahead and book up as soon as possible. However, if you don’t know of somewhere off-hand it’s time to do some research and you should try to track somewhere down that meets at least some of the criteria outlined below:




Weddingsday Is near to where your reception is taking place so you won’t have too long a journey.
Weddingsday Does it allow you to check in/arrive in the early hours of the morning.
Weddingsday Does it have other rooms available (essential if you want your close friends and family to stay also).
Weddingsday Has it taken any bookings already from a couple you’ve invited to your wedding ‘because you didn’t have a choice’ – do you really want to have breakfast with them the next morning?
Weddingsday Can it offer you a ‘Bridal Package’ (fresh fruit and champagne in your room for example) or perhaps even a free upgrade.


If you still can’t find anywhere then you either have to extend the search area, or consider going back home. Granted the latter may not seem particularly romantic, but there are things you can do to spice it up a little (see below) and it also has numerous practical advantages (it’s much cheaper and there’s no need to worry about luggage to mention just two!).

Setting the Scene

Wherever you do decide to stay on your honeymoon night, there are things you can do to enhance the mood, for example:


Weddingsday Turn the lights down low


Weddingsday Light some candles


Weddingsday Put on some romantic CD’s


Weddingsday Light some scented jos-sticks.


One final thing to remember, is to make sure that you have suitable clothes for the next day – if you’re travelling you will need something comfortable (and smart, if you’re trying to scam a free upgrade on the flight), or if you are hanging around for a day or two remember to pack suitable clothes for the whole time (perhaps smart clothes for breakfast or a night out and casual clothes for the day).

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