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Guide to Honeymoon Night Hotels & Accommodation

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The first night of the honeymoon is special and memorable, so be sure to pay close attention to just how you spend it. This article takes a closer look at the first honeymoon night and provides you with some helpful tips to make sure it's memorable for all the right reasons.


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For those of you who have clicked on this link and are expecting some ‘bedroom activity’ talk, you are sadly mistaken - try our Honeymoon Q&A section for that! What we are discussing here is the actual night of the wedding itself (assuming that you won’t be on the road or in the air), not what goes on between the sheets.



Unless you’re honeymooning at home or happy to head off at 2 o’clock in the morning, then chances are that you won’t be setting off on your honeymoon immediately after your evening soiree has finished - instead you will be spending it somewhere close to the reception venue.

The first honeymoon night, and any subsequent days and nights 'at home' before you head off overseas (covered in depth in our Mini Breaks article) all need to be taken into account beforehand. Taking some time to plan ahead is crucial if you wan the excitement to keep going and no lull to occur between the wedding and the first day of your official honeymoon.


So what exactly do you need to think about? Let us give you the guided tour.


The most important thing to consider is where you will spend your first night as a married couple.


If you have held the wedding reception at a hotel or other venue with accommodation on site, this should be your first port of call. A number of venues across the UK will offer free rooms to the happy couple (often as an incentive to make the booking in the first place) although it is likely that certain spend criteria must be hit before this is offered.


If you fall into this category then you could be in luck, although you should always:


Weddingsday Ask to see the rooms first, and if possible, the actual room that you will stay in.


Weddingsday Ask if they have any ‘superior’ rooms or a Bridal Suite available for your first honeymoon night. However, do not assume that you will get anything other than a basic room – you may have to pay a fee to be upgraded to such a room or it may be that the room(s) are already booked. Be sure to confirm this up front.

Weddingsday Ask how many other rooms are available on your wedding day and how many can be reserved for your friends and family (if there is another wedding on the same day as yours, the allocation may be split).

If after asking the above questions, you get the answers you wanted, then you're in luck and go ahead and make the reservation. However, if accommodation on-site is not offered, or you are not happy with what you are told then don’t despair, you do have other options.


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