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Expert Guide to Packing your Honeymoon Luggage

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Armed with answers to the earlier questions, you can begin to put items aside for packing – see the article entitled Packing Checklist for ideas on what to take. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to take everything you want and still be under your luggage allowance. So now it’s time to make some crucial decisions...


Honeymoon Luggage - Top Tips


Weddingsday Whilst packing, ask yourself 'am I really going to wear/use this?' It is very common to return home with clean, unworn clothes or untouched make-up, so don’t take your full wardrobe just what you need. Also pay attention to what outfits you will wear – that day-glow orange top may be a favourite of yours but if you’re not planning to take the colour co-ordinating shorts then maybe you should leave them at home.




Weddingsday Avoid taking footwear that you’ve never worn – either wear them in a few days before or take an alternative pair. Taking a special pair of new shoes may seem like a good idea but to prevent blisters and reduce case weight, it may be better just to wear something you are already taking.

Weddingsday If you are stuck between two items of clothing and don’t know which to take, work out which one is lighter and take that one.
Weddingsday Buy basic toiletries when you arrive at your destination, and leave them behind when you return home. This saves on weight and many items such as shampoo, body wash, conditioner, suntan lotion and aftersun are usually (but not always so double check) cheaper abroad than they are here in the UK (there’s a surprise!).
Weddingsday If you are planning to take your own toiletries, invest in some travel size ones or decant things like aftershave into a small spray bottle.
Weddingsday If you are planning to take some old beach towels, why not treat yourself to a new set whilst you’re away – they’ll save on space (at least on the outbound flight) and at the end you’ll have some nice new towels!
Weddingsday  Take multi-purpose items to reduce weight – clock-radios, reversible belts etc.
Weddingsday Use laundry and dry-cleaning services when you are away. They are usually pretty simple and cheap to use and mean you need only take seven pairs of knickers rather than fourteen (the point we are making is that you can wash them and not just wear a pair twice by the way!)
Weddingsday Consider using different luggage. Remember that the heavier your suitcase, the less you will be able to take away with you so whilst it is all well and good (for protective reasons) taking that steel re-enforced case, it may be wiser to buy/borrow a lighter canvas one – the protective element does drop a little, but hey, how damaged can a pair of boxer shorts get on board a plane?


Honeymoon Luggage - Packing Advice

Now that you’ve done everything you can to cut down on what you’re taking it’s finally time to pack. Squeezing all those items into a tiny suitcase may seem impossible, but if you follow our simple advice you’ll find that your tiny suitcase will shortly resemble the Tardis.

Weddingsday Roll up your clothes. This helps to save space (since the air is squeezed out) and means that they won't get as creased as if they were packed normally.
Weddingsday Stuff socks inside of shoes or handbags to help them retain their shape.
Weddingsday Place heavy items on the bottom on the case.
Weddingsday Always pack the corners (it’s best to squeeze underwear into these gaps as they are more likely to become creased) – you’ll be surprise how much space is available here.
Weddingsday As soon as you possibly can, unpack your case and hang everything up.
Weddingsday Place any liquids (contact lens fluid, hair gel etc.) in plastic bags, ideally two to prevent spillages.
Weddingsday Don’t waste valuable space rolling up belts and placing them in a corner, instead unroll them and wrap them around the inside of the case.
Weddingsday Invest in a ‘compression bag’ for storing clothes you don’t mind getting creased (underwear on the way out or any dirty clothes on the way back) – the clothes can be effectively ‘shrink-wrapped’ in the bag by using pressure to remove up to 75% of the air saving valuable space in turn.
Weddingsday Use tissue paper to help prevent creasing – it won’t solve all your wrinkle problems, but it does help.


Weddingsday Don’t pack too much! Zips can burst, clothes will become more creased and there will be little space to bring anything extra home – is it really worth taking 5 pairs of jeans for all this hassle?

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