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Expert Guide to Packing your Honeymoon Luggage

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You'll quickly find that (unless you’re heading off to a nudist colony for the first time!) you will be taking more items on your honeymoon than any other previous vacation. This article provides some unique honeymoon luggage hints and tips to maximise your packing experience and minimise the going away stress!


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In order to ensure that all of your travel items get into the case in the first place, through customs, onto the plane and safely to the other end, it’s time to take some advice from the experts and learn how to pack like a pro...


Honeymoon Luggage: The Key Essentials

Weddingsday Pack your own cases and make sure that no-one interferes with it prior to boarding the plane (it is also wise to note that when asked ‘did you pack your own luggage’ at the check-in desk that you don’t joke about it – you don’t want a strip-search merely because of a quip that was taken the wrong way!)


Weddingsday Make sure that you take hand luggage with you and pack your important documents in an easily accessible place. Passports, tickets, boarding passes etc. should also be in convenient easy reach and secure from prying hands but easily accessible to you.


Weddingsday Remove all sharp objects from your hand luggage and put them in your check-in luggage. A list of items is clearly displayed at all airports but so you are aware in advance, the current list forbids you from carrying on board scissors, razor blades, Swiss Army knives/cards, tweezers, hypodermic needles unless required for medical reasons, cutlery and knitting needles. More obscure things that people try to take on board but are not allowed to do so include tools, toy/replica guns, catapults, sporting bats, billiard, snooker or pool cues and darts.


Weddingsday Do not pack any valuables, money, or fragile items into check-in baggage. Keep them with you at all times, ideally on your person (in the case of money or jewellery) or in your hand luggage.


Weddingsday Assuming there is still space(!), put heavy objects like books, mp3 players and cameras in your hand luggage. This really helps if you are close to the weight limit and also means that they are more safe and secure.


Weddingsday Do laundry a few days before you go so everything will washed and freshly ironed before the Big Day and ready to go come the day of the Honeymoon.


Weddingsday Keep an inventory of everything that you are taking.

Honeymoon Luggage - What You Need to Know in Advance


Weddingsday What is your total check-in luggage allowance?


Weddingsday What hand luggage restrictions are there in place – both in terms of weight and size?


Weddingsday What will the weather be like when you arrive at your destination and will you need a change of clothes in your hand luggage?
Weddingsday Are you likely to buy lots of things whilst you're away that would mean you need to leave spare capacity in your case or take an extra bag?


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