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Honeymoon & Travel Q&A : Honeymoon Health Question

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Honeymoons & Travel Questions

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Q: Are there any Honeymoon Health Precautions I need to Take? 



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Nothing is more important in life than your health - no, not even your wedding! And whilst overseas travel can be both fun and exciting it can also be dangerous if you fail to take necessary precautions.


The climate and wildlife is different all around the world and in order to ensure that you stay healthy it is important to be immunised against potentially lethal diseases that are common in countries abroad, but are non-present in your home country.


As soon as you have booked your honeymoon, seek travel advice from your doctor as to whether you require any injections and immunisations and when these will need to take place. It is also wise to ensure that your doctor is aware of your circumstances (the fact that you are getting married!) and advises you of any potential side-effects of the injections and works with you to minimise the impact. The last thing you want is to feel a little off-colour on your wedding day, but if the vaccination requirements leave you with no option then it is better to be a little light-headed for a few hours than spending several months in hospital!


Whilst it shouldn’t influence your honeymoon destination decision at all, the way it tends to work is that the further away from your home country you are, the more medication prior to departure you will require (this is not always the case however).


With regards official government travel advice, you should always heed what they say. Travel warnings (highlighting flooding, droughts etc.) can be issued at anytime and for anywhere and the advice is given for your own good - to dismiss it completely would be foolish.


Television, newspapers, the internet and your local Foreign Embassy will all be able to provide you with the latest info, and you should check them out before you go.





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