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Affordable Ideas & Money Saving Tips for Great Honeymoon Deals

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Consider alternative departure points

If you live 10 miles from an airport you may automatically assume that you must fly from there. But if a two hour drive up the road means that the price of your flight plummets, then get in that car and start driving!

Eat your Main Meals During the Day
Many restaurants will offer lunchtime specials. You could find that you are ablew to dine at the best place in town for a fraction of what it would normally cost if you only ate a few hours earlier.

Buy an Air Pass/Travel Card
If you are planning to hop from one place to the next when you are away, consider buying a travel card/air pass. This will allow you to get around with all transport costs covered. You may find that you are able to save hundreds of pounds if you get hold of the right one.

Travel Midweek
Going somewhere on a weekend, particularly a Friday and Saturday is usually busier and more expensive, so instead why not depart on a cheaper, quieter day?




Don’t go overboard with gifts

Your friends and family back home won’t be expecting much (or anything at all) but if you do plan to get them a little something make sure you shop around and get them something traditional to where you are. A speciality of the country will be a lot cheaper than one of those cheap fake Barcelona footy shirts you get on holiday and will be appreciated much more. So shop smart and buy local.


Forgo meals on the plane/train/ferry

Rather than eating the meals offered to you at a premium, plan in advance and either eat before you leave or pack some sandwiches to eat en-route. It may only save twenty pound or so, but every little helps when the money’s tight.

Consider Alternative Modes of Transport

If you’re off to Paris it may be quicker and convenient to fly direct, but hopping on a Ferry could save you a packet, so if you need a little extra cash this can be a great way of finding some. Likewise, budget airlines are cheap and cheerful and whilst they may not be as luxurious as some of the big players, they are often a darn sight cheaper!

Don’t use hotel phones

Phoning anywhere from your hotel is notoriously expensive so instead your mobile (if your tariff is cheap) or consider purchasing a pre-paid phone card.

Don’t fly direct

Stopping off at an airport en-route to your final destination could add a few hours to your journey time, but at the same time it may also save you a pretty penny, so think outside the box when looking at the travel aspect.


Don’t buy books at the airport
Airport bookshops are convenient, but won’t always have what you want and will normally charge full price. Buy your reading materials before you go and not only will you not have to compromise, but you could save a few quid in the process.

Don’t buy onboard drinks and snacks
Whether you are travelling by air, sea or land, prices are increased and pack sizes are normally decreased. For that 250ml can of pop of the aeroplane you could have bought two 330ml cans from the supermarket! Take snacks, sweets and drinks with you from home to help cut the costs.

Use the phrase ‘we’re on our honeymoon!’
A quick mention of the phrase can sometimes get you a room upgrade, best table in the restaurant or complimentary wine and flowers. Don’t be ashamed to brag – be proud!

Both at home and abroad, just because it has a price on the ticket it doesn’t mean that that’s what you need to pay. Retailers build in a profit margin so there is always scope for reductions if you haggle hard. You mightn't always get one, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get.


A honeymoon certainly isn’t cheap, but if you put just one of the ideas in this article into practice then at least you will have saved something. Happy shopping!

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