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Affordable Ideas & Money Saving Tips for Great Honeymoon Deals

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We won't lie - honeymoons aren't the cheapest things on earth, but neither do they have to break the bank. This article outlines a range of hints and tips all geared at saving you money and bagging some great honeymoon deals.


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It is a popular misconception that a honeymoon has to cost the earth. Whilst it's true to say that it probably won’t be the cheapest vacation you ever go on, there's plenty you can do to help trim pounds of your budget.


So if you are interested in how you could get to go on the holiday of your dreams for less than you thought, read on...



Think about your board basis
When it comes to your board basis, you have five main options; all-inclusive, full board, half-board, bed and breakfast or self-catering. Generally the first and the last ones tend to provide best value for money but don’t assume this. Talk with your partner about what you plan to get from your honeymoon and determine your board basis from this – you could end up with smaller food and drink bills than you thought.



Spend Your Loyalty Scheme 'Points'

From supermarkets to petrol stations, credit card companies to airlines, it seems that virtually every organisation runs some form of loyalty scheme these days.

Travel vouchers, flights, UK hotels, airport parking, travel insurance and activities are just some of the products on offer, so stop saving and start spending!

Shop Around

Speak to multiple travel agents, surf the internet, browse television travel channels, call hotels direct, look local and national newspapers. In short, don’t leave any stone unturned – there are bargains to be had if you are willing to put in the donkey work.

Use this technique for each element of your honeymoon from the flights to the insurance and you can save a small fortune. Additionally, don’t be afraid to play one off against another if you think there is an opportunity to save a few more quid.

Use your Wedding Gift List wisely

It needn’t be all pots and pans! Instead, try asking for foreign currency or ask guests to pay for a specific element of your honeymoon such as an excursion you are looking to go on.

Start Early

Bargains can be had at the last minute, but as this is your honeymoon we're talking about you really shouldn’t take a gamble. Instead, book as early as possible – great discounts can be found if you book over a year in advance, sometimes these will even exceed any offers you can get by waiting till the last moment.

Keep an eye on the exchange rate

Exchange rates can vary wildly and change literally overnight so don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to wait till just before you leave before getting hold of your travellers cheques of foreign currency. If you can get nearer 2 dollars for your pound rather than a buck fifty, it can make one heck of a difference.


Tap into existing underutilised benefits
Your credit card, home/car insurance, bank and even your employer may offer benefits that you weren’t even aware of. Common things are basic travel insurance, hotel discounts, and third party driving cover. Read your existing documentation or speak to someone to find out if you qualify.

Read the Small Print
The golden rule is that if something sounds too good to be true it often is. When comparing deals make sure that you know exactly what each one includes. Common differences often concern resort transfers, gratuity inclusion and fuel surcharges, so make sure that you are comparing apples with apples, not with pears.

Get off the beaten track

Many of the best restaurants and shops are not the ones on the main street, but those bustling with locals in the backstreets of town (after all, who would know better than a local?). Be adventurous and you’ll get much better value for money.


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