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Ideas & Advice For Your Honeymoon Break

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Gone are the days when a couple would always leave midway through the evening do to jet off on a romantic honeymoon. In modern times there is very often a short period between the end of the wedding and the commencement of the vacation. This article highlights some great tips and ideas for filling in time during this honeymoon break.


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Rarely do newlyweds head off on honeymoon as soon as 'last orders' has been called at the bar. In fact, for couples honeymooning overseas, due to preference or flight availability, many will spend at least a day or two in their home country before jetting off. Whether it's a night, few days or a whole week you have to play with, there is a great opportunity to book up a few mini-break activities and trips to keep the romantic juices flowing...


The Next Day

What you get up to the next day after your wedding will very much depend on when you are setting off on honeymoon. For those of you heading off at first dawn, you may as well stop reading now – we can promise you that the rest of the stuff from this point on will be totally useless to you!

If you’re still reading we can assume that either; a). You are in no hurry to leave and don’t have to go till later on in the day or early the following morning, or b). You are not leaving for a few days. If you happen to fall into category ‘b’ then you may also find the ‘Other Days’ part (later in this article) of use, so you might want to spend a few minutes having a read.


For those of you setting off within the next 24 hours, then there is one thing above all else that you should do before you go – and that is relax!

The day after the wedding is not a time to go run a marathon or pump iron down the gym for half a day, instead it is an opportunity to spend time with your partner, and perhaps close friends and relatives, and reminisce about the perfect day you’ve just had.

If you and some of your guests are all spending the night of your wedding at the same venue, then a real 'Wedding Breakfast' is a nice way to kick off married life. If you fancy organising one, be sure to speak to hotel staff as early as possible so they can arrange to have the tables put together – this way you’ll all be able to sit around and laugh and smile over croissants and coffee together!

Even if you have not spent the night in the same building as friends and relatives, you may still wish to organise (or ask someone else to organise) a small get-together, perhaps over lunch.


The next day is also an ideal time to visit any close friends or relatives who were unable to make it along due to health reasons – grandparents and elderly uncles and aunts can often be top of this list and to turn up and see them would really make their day.

If you’ve spoken to everyone you want to or feel that you need a change of scenery, then why not check into a Health Spa for the day – jacuzzis, steam rooms, solariums, hot tubs, sauna’s you name it, they will all help you to relax and unwind. A mini-break day of pampering could be just what you need before you begin your travels.

If you feel your budget can’t stretch any further, then why not treat yourselves to a honeymoon break at home – a deep bath followed by a massage and a night in front of the TV watching ‘Love Story’ (or perhaps even a good movie!) is a cheap and easy way to relax.


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