A Guide to Lounge Suits & Wedding Lounge Suit Hire

Lounge suits are simply another name for regular suits that you'll have probably worn hundreds of times or more during the course of your life. Often referred to as Short Jackets or simply as Wedding Suits, they are the most reserved and understated member of the male wedding attire crew.


Ideal for modern-day weddings, and a popular choice for Groom's marrying at a Register Office, lounge suits provide a contemporary look without going over the top.


What Do Lounge Suits Look Like?

Head to any city centre on any weekday and you'll see lounge suits everywhere.


With normal lapels, and available in single or double-breasted versions, the lounge suit jacket has no tapering and a perfect fit will see the bottom of the jacket finish around the hip area.


Typically featuring 3,4 or 5 buttons (6, 8, and 10 for double-breasted suits), the suit is available in a multitude of colours from classics like navy, charcoal, grey, brown and black through to more exotic shades like green, mustard and burgundy. Unlike their frock coat counterparts, lounge suits are rarely found featuring any type of pattern.



Essential Lounge Suit Extras

By paying attention to the finishing touches, you can turn any everyday lounge suit into something a lot more fancy.


There are a selection of both plain and jazzy waistcoats available to buy or hire and incorporating these into the lounge suit will help to set it apart. To enhance the look, striped trousers can replace the normal single-coloured ones.


Normal collared shirts are the order of the day, accompanied by a plain tie, but donít let this stop you experimenting with different combinations.



Lounge Suit Accessories

If you want to push the boat out a little, both pocket watches and handkerchieves work well with lounge suits, particularly if the latter co-ordinates with a matching waistcoat. For those who prefer the simply approach, a leather belt, snazzy pair of cufflinks and smart pair of shoes are the order of the day.



How Much Do Lounge Suits Cost?

Rather than hiring the outfit, many Grooms who head down the whistle and flute route will opt to buy a smart lounge suit that they can wear both on, and after the day. This is a good idea and represents superb value for money, but great care must be still taken to co-ordinate with the other Groomsmen's suits - either by purchasing a suit for them, asking them to buy their own, or hiring colour co-ordinated lounge suits for the Best Man et al.


Lounge suits can be rented from most men's formal hire stores and will cost in the region of £50 per suit depending upon what you choose, and what is included in the package.


For those looking to buy a lounge suit, you should be aware that prices can, and do, vary wildly. From supermarket's who are shifting lounge suits from as little as £30, to tailored options and designer labels that can easily set you back many hundred pounds. With this in mind, it is essential that you have a clear picture of what it is you want up front and, perhaps more importantly, know what you are willing to spend before you go out shopping.



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