Wedding Evening Wear Guide : Top Hat & Tails, DJ's & Groom Tux Hire Ideas

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The term evening wear (or eveningwear if you'd prefer) refers to a style of outfit reserved for weddings and other formal occasions.


Although the name implies it is a dress code solely for functions taking place after the sun goes down, this need not be the case. Indeed, many Grooms each year across the UK will don some form of wedding evening wear for their big day and look both dashing and sophisticated from dusk till dawn.



There are numerous mens outfitters across the country where the Groom and his male wedding attendants can buy or hire wedding evening wear and some even offer 'the Groom goes free' specials, so be sure to shop around for the best value.


Within the wedding evening wear category, there are two main types of outfit available, tails suits and tuxedos, and more inofrmation on each type of outfit can be found below.



Evening Wear : Tail Suits


Often referred to as a 'penguin suit' or 'tails', the tail suit features a knee length jacket which tapers away from the mid-rift towards the hip then cuts back upwards freeing access to trouser pockets, before recommencing towards the hips thus forming the ‘tail’.


Once the outfit of choice by the nobility when attending formal balls at least you will feel right at home when you ask the lady ‘Would madam care to dance?’ read more...



Morning Wear : Tuxedos


Sometimes called a dinner suit, dinner jacket, DJ or black tie, the wedding tux is available in both single and doubled-breasted versions. The bottom of the jacket will come down to around the hip area and feature 1, 2 or 3 buttons (or 4, 6 or 8 buttons on double breasted jackets).


The lapels are an interesting feature of the wedding tux, with a couple of options available. Both normal and shawl lapels can be bought/hired with the latter providing the wearer with a more rounded lapel and somewhat of a 'draped’ look. The shawl lapel will very often be finished in satin and match the stripe down the side of the traditional dress trousers which should always accompany a tuxedo jacket.


The perfect male wedding outfit for any budding James Bond, this type of wedding evening wear is sometimes used as a ‘theme’, where all the male wedding guests are asked to go ‘black tie’, creating a stunning visual effect that'll look great on the wedding photographs. read more...



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