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Once you've passed our commercial guys and girls everything they need, they will liaise directly with our technical team who will then begin the design and build phase - whilst our technical team are lovely bless 'em, they do like to use lots of jargon so we find it's best to keep them away from clients who are not that computer savvy!


Once the technical team produce the first draft we forward this across for you to review. If you are happy with the advert then that's it - it will be published on the website within a few hours and you can view it in all it's full glory.


If you do require any changes, simply advise us of your requirements and your wish is our command. Once the changes have been made, we will send a copy through to you and simultaneously publish on site.


If you do require any modifications at this point, you will incur an additional charge, that is unless the changes are as a result of a mistake at our end of course - though that would never happen (ahem). To help eliminate the need for this unnecessary cost we do ask when you review the initial draft of the advert you play close attention and make sure that you advise us of all the changes you require.


And it's as simple as that - we told you it was painless!

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