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At Weddingsday, we have developed a 'Customer Charter' - a set of five rules, that we promise to abide by at all times.




Unlike some companies who keep such a charter under lock and key so they can tweak the rules as and when they feel like it (or worse still don't even have one!), we thought it would be only right and proper if we let you in on the secret as well - this way you can help keep check on us at all times and make sure that we never accidentally slip up!


So if you're ready, here is the Weddingsday Customer Charter:


Rule #1: We will listen. We will actively encourage feedback, both positive and negative, and want to build an organisation that is tailored around the needs of the consumer, not our bank manager. 


Rule #2: We won't accept intrusive or irritating adverts. We hate pop-ups, pop-unders, adverts that incessantly flash or those that start spreading across the whole page when you're trying to read something. This is why at Weddingsday we won't accept adverts from anyone who wants to use such rubbish. We know that in some respect we are shooting ourselves in the foot a little, but we value customer satisfaction much higher than we value profits.


Rule #3: We promise never to be influenced by outside organisations. Whilst we welcome advertisers to the site, we will never 'push' their product and suggest in any way that they are superior to the competition.


Rule #4: We won't rest on our laurels. Every week the site will grow and grow and we will strive to bring fresh content on board all the time. Our research has shown that we are the largest wedding planning website in the UK and we intend to keep it that way.  


Rule #5: We will never forget our roots. We are a family business and no matter how big we grow we will always remember this. We aim to develop a sense of community spirit on the site and as far as we're concerned, everyone's welcome.

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