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Work continued round the clock, and nearly two and a half years after work first began, on November 1st 2006, the website went live. The official launch of the site took place on February 14th 2007.


From a simple idea to a thriving business, Weddingsday has come a long way in a short time. We've already established ourselves as a major player in the wedding industry with thousands of members and tens of thousands of page views each week. We've ambitious plans for the future and a drive to make the company even bigger and better. We simply can't wait to help thousands more of couples from across the UK and around the world plan the wedding of their dreams.


Whilst undoubtedly the company will change over the coming years, one thing that will stay the same is the core 'family' element of the business. We pride ourselves on standing apart from the competition and believe there is still room in the modern world for a friendly and down to earth organisation that is proud of its roots - one that is ultimately run by a couple who know what it means to get married and just how important an event a marriage is.


We hope you have enjoyed finding out a little more about us, and thank-you for taking the time to do so. Just for the record, I have lost a little weight since the wedding photo on the first page of the article was taken, although sadly my hair seems to have followed suit!


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