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The path towards the formation of Weddingsday first started way back in December 2000, when my then girlfriend foolishly said 'yes' after I got down on one knee and proposed.




As you can imagine, 2001 to 2003 was a time of much planning, arranging and spending as the build up to the Big Day in June 2003 fast approached.


As big users of the internet, you would think that it would have been a simple task to track down a single website that could be relied upon for honest, impartial advice - however, try as we might, could we find it?, could we heck.


Don't get me wrong, many wedding websites existed (and continue to exist today) in the vast ether that is the World Wide Web. However, the family ran ones that had been set up by like minded couples were too small and basic, whilst the larger sites ran by faceless individuals continually pushed their own products (or those of their sponsors) and were difficult to navigate - when you eventually found what you were looking for you were ultimately disappointed by just how biased and dull they were.


The decision to set up Weddingsday was discussed prior to the Wedding, but with so much else going on in our lives, the plans were shelved. That was until January 2004, when the plans raised their head and work began.

Both of us were in full time employment so progress was slow at first. With so much to develop it quickly became apparent that to really achieve what we wanted, one of us needed to leave our jobs and commit fully to establishing a professional business that could hold its own against our so-called rivals, so in April 2005, that's exactly what happened.


Within weeks it became obvious that the decision was the right one. Content was growing all the time, and our initial designs for the site were quickly turned into something eye-catching and functional by the skilled website designers we drafted in.


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