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Every website company in their right mind should feature some legal info and we here at Weddingsday are no different.



Now for anyone who has read some of the pages on the rest of the site, you will know that we are a quite laid back company who likes the odd joke or two. However, we must warn you that the three sets of legal information that you are about to read are completely devoid of humour (our solicitors have advised that it must be this way I'm afraid!) - if you're hoping for a bit of a laugh you've come to the wrong place.


So for those of you who simply cannot live without reading our Terms and Conditions, Copyright & Trademark Notices and Privacy Policy you can't say we didn't warn you.


Without further ado, grab yourself a strong cup of coffee, have some matchsticks handy to prop your eyes open and set your alarm to go off every five minutes. Now if you're ready, follow the links from the left hand menu and enjoy(?) the legal bits of




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