In Sokoto, Nigeria, serial Groom Shehu Malami has clocked up yet another marriage as he ties the knot for the 201st time - yes you heard us right, he has already been married two hundred times before!!!!


Over the period of 48 years, the 68 year old, who is now on honeymoon (again) has been divorced many times but has now vowed to retain his current four wives and never to marry again. Then again, Malami made a similar promise back in June 2004 when he clocked up his 200th marriage, but we guess at least he appears to be slowing down!


First married at the age of 20, the marriage didn't even make it till the first anniversary. Since then it has been a string of marriage failures for the Nigerian who blames it all on misfortune. Islam allows men to marry up to four wives at a time, and Malami has certainly taken advantage of this, finding replacements as soon as a divorce has taken place.


All of us here at Weddingsday wish Malami the best of luck in his quest to stick to his word and not marry again, but we have a sneaking suspicion that there may be more to come.


Just for the record, we wouldn't recommend trying to emulate our Nigerian friend.

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