As anyone reading this will already know, the doghouse is somewhere that both partners will find themselves every now and again, but one Dundee Groom found himself there on his wedding day - luckily for him his Bride was with him too!


Gavin Guyan and Lynn Campbell tied the knot last week, but rather than plumping for some fancy country house to hold the wedding in, they instead 'went local' and held the celebrations in 'The Doghouse' - perhaps the least appropriately named pub in Dundee to hold such an affair in!


Scottish law allows couples to marry almost anywhere, and whilst marriages have been taking place in a multitude of venues across the city, this is the first one to take place in 'The Doghouse' itself.


Other than the name of the venue, the rest of the day was pretty tradtional, but to top the day off, the couple, who regularly frequent the pub, had none other than local band 'Hellbound' performing their showstoppers for the happy couple and their guests.


I guess it takes all-sorts!


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