BREAKING NEWS - we are pround to announce that Weddingsday has today signed a deal with Honda F1, and our logo will be carried by Jenson Button on his Forumla 1 car for the remainder of the season.


OK - you guessed it - it's April 1st so it's not entirely true, but it is true to some extent.


Our details will feature on JB's car, we are technically now a sponsor, and at the same time we have made a pledge and contribution to help the environment.


However, we don't have an exclusive deal on this. In fact, if you head on over right now to, you can sign up yourselves, become a sponsor, and make a pledge to help save the planet at the same time.


Honda's radical move breaks from the tradition of multi-million dollar sponsorship deals and allows each and every person to get involved. This years car design features a map of the world and no branding whatsoever - make an environmental pledge (choose from options such as 'Adjust my thermostat by 1 degree', 'Recycle all my paper' and 'Share My Car') and a monetary one (from as little as 1) and your details will appear on the online digital car as well as a tiny piece of artwork on either Jenson Button or Rubens Barrichello's real F1 car.


So if you want to see your details up in lights (albeit very tiny ones) and at the same time make a pledge to help make a difference, then visit the website now.


For more details on Climate Control and what you can do to help, visit


P.S. To view our pledge, click this link:, select 'Search' and enter 'weddingsday' in the 'Last Name' field.

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