So, the dust has settled, the couple have pocketed a small fortune from Hello Magazine (not that we're cynical), and we can now all forget about Liz Hurley until her next publcity stunt, sorry... er, exciting news. But what happened? Well let us elucidate you.


OK, well first of all, if you want to see the snaps and read about the sumptuous dresses and fantastic food, head straight over to Hello Magazine ( for the 'official story'. But if you want to read about the fights, the tears, and the huge carbon footprint left by the happy couple then read on.


The Fights: The mass brawl is said to have started outside the wedding reception in India when desperate fans were restrained and even 'slapped' by guards. According to one on-looker, "Fans managed to get through one of the security cordons, setting off a fist-fight with security guards that lasted nearly an hour”.


The Tears: Apparently, Liz has confessed to crying throughout the ceremony, Elton John`s speech, and during the first dance - as well as this, new hubby Arun Nayar is also said to have shed the odd tear or two.To be honest, if Elton made a speech at my wedding, I think I would be in tears too.


The Carbon Footprint: According to 'The Independent', the weddings have resulted in around 200 tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere - it would take the average British couple over 10 years to have such an impact. With hired jets and helicopters for the couple, their guestas and the caterers, florists etc. it is easy to see how the planet has had to pay for the wedding as well.


Just for the record, the couple wed before 300 guests on March 3rd in Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire before jetting off to Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur for the second leg of their celebrations. Dancing horses, walkways lined with millions of red chilli peppers and a guest list that read like a who's who of the 21st century were star features of the weddings.


Let's hope the couple are very happy together, but let's hope that this is the last we hear of such OTT celebrations for a while now!

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