According to new research by insurance giants Churchill, each adult spends nealry £350 every time they attend a UK wedding!


In total, Churchill reports that some £13.8 billion are spent each year by wedding guests in the UK alone, equating to nearly £40,000 for each set of guests at each and every wedding!


The startling figures were revealed this week but have come to no surprise to us, and other experts in the industry. According to Abi Clark from Churchill, “The research shows that as a nation we like to make an effort at weddings. This is often reflected in the costs associated with the big day for example the gifts, hen and stag do’s and even new outfits.”


The table below shows how the money is spent:

£90.72  on Hen or Stag nights
£82.40 on Travel & accommodation
£60.31 on Gifts

£54.75 on Outfits

£27.97 on Reception drinks
£20.69 on Hair & Beauty
£4.11 on Babysitters

TOTAL: £340.95


So if you've got a whole load of weddings coming up this year, you better get saving now - but let's face it - they're worth each and every penny!

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