Bao Xishun, at 7 foot 9 inches officially the World's Tallest Man, has after a long search, tied the knot with 5 foot 6 inch Xia Shujian.


Bao, a herdsman from Inner Mongolia sent ads around the world in a desperate attempt to track down the Bride of his dreams, but in a strange twist of fate, he should have looked closer to home first - Xia is from Bao's hometown of Chifeng.


56 year old Bao hit the headlines last year when he single-handedly saved two dolphins from iminent death by pulling plastic out of their stomachs. With his Mr. Tickle-esque arms, Bao reached in where surgical instruments could not access, and removed the indigestible plastic which has been digested by the dolphins at their local aquarium.


Bao and new Bride, who is not only half his age but also two-foot shorter, plan many happy years together and we wish them both the best of luck - by the way Bao, is there any chance you could pop over and change our lightbulbs?

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