It was the wedding of their dreams, but when Chris Adams and new-wife Gemma Mortell returned from honeymoon, they discovered some surprising news - Chris had actually married his Best Man!


Chef Chris, from Loughborough in Leicestershire, tied the knot with Gemma on Valentine's Day this year. But shortly after arriving home and passing over the threshold the shocking news became apparent.


As the couple took a romantic glimpse at their Wedding Certificate, in the space entitled 'Witness', Gemma's signature could be clearly seen, whilst in the space entield Bride, Best Man Paul Hickleston's name shone like a beacon!


'Mistakes do happen' assured the Reverend Elaine Skinner, who conducted the ceremony, who promptly set about issuing a new, revised Wedding Certificate, and the couple, who had been planning their wedding for nine months, took a deep breath (as did Paul!)


Best of luck Chris & Gemma from all of us here at Weddingsday, and we look forward to your Christmas card which we can only presume will be signed 'Merry Christmas, with love from Chris and Paul Gemma'.

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