A wannabee Groom from Witney in Oxfordshire has offered his hand in marriage - to whoever bids the most on internet acution site EBay!


Loveless Mark Broughton, 37, posted the 'proposal' earlier this year and, despite having one offer subsequently withdrawn, is still hopeful of finding the girl of his dreams.


The 10-day auction attracted just one bid, of 700, but this was still 699.99 higher than the starting price of just 1p!


Whilst the mystery bidder later retracted their bid, the former parking attendant has not lost hope and has since received offers from a number of ladies from across the UK asking for him to send them his photograph.


Mark, suggested in the listing that the winning bidder live with him for a week then make the decision on whether to tie the knot at the end of the 'trial period'.


Mark commented to a local newspaper, "I hope something good will come out of this". Call us cynical, but we suspect not!

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