An Argentinian couple, sick of attending wedding after wedding, have placed an ad in a local newspaper begging to not be invited to any more marriages!


66 years old Buenos Aires resident Adolfo Caballero and his wife took the unprecidented step after a flood of requests from law firm clients, golf club friends and children of his dozens of cousins.


Many Argentine couples now get married far away from their homes in the middle of the country, meaning that Alfonso and his wife have been subjected to many long journeys across the rugged, yet beautiful, Argentine countryside.


With the weddings typically being long drawn-out affairs, Mr Caballero and his wife now get little time to themselves at weekends, prompting them to take drastic action. 'It's fun for youngsters who want to dance until 5 a.m. ... but the next day I'm tired and I can't move when I want to go play tennis', said Alfonso (when he found the time!).


The ad, in the newspaper 'La Naction' reads 'We thank you ahead of time for understanding this petition, which is due to our saturated social calendar'.


Misery guts! :-)

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