Unless the Church acts fast, they are in danger of losing the advantages they have over other wedding venues, according to the Reverend Andrew Body.


Revd Body, the Vicar or Cobham, Surrey, argues in a book published this week that, “We have a responsibility to make the church option the most attractive of all. We have a tremendous start in having throughout the country venues that are second to none. We are setting their love in the context of the eternal love of God. A building that has been designed for the purpose has a head start over any room in a town hall, or, indeed, in a castle,”


However, as popualrity for Church weddings continues to fall, the Reverend's call to action needs to be taken seriously if the decline is to be stopped.


One member of the Church taking a lead in restoring it's competitve advantage is the Reverend Jan Harney from Greater Manchester who has recently joined up with an internet blog site to help and advise couples on all aspects of Christian marriage.


However, unless other Church leaders follow Revd Harney's example, then it really could be time to get down on their knees and prey!


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