Rather than spending a small fortune on your big day, the Reverend Andrew Body has advised couples to go green and keep those purse strings pristene.


In his book entitled 'Making the Most of Weddings A Practical Guide for Churches', the Reverend talks about the modern commercialisation of weddings and advises couples on how they can stay within budget and help the planet at the same time.


Tips such as getting a taxi to the wedding and buying the wedding dress from a charity shop then returning it afterwards are perhaps not the most practical of suggestions, but the book does have some other little gems which green couples on a budget may wish to consider.


Organic and fair trade food, charitable gift lists and having guests bring their own alcohol are just some handy tips that the book contains, and as well as this it also stresses that couples should be getting married for the right reasons.


The book is available from a number of bookstores priced at 6.99 - or alternatively, you can save your money and read Weddingsday instead!


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