A fake video of a Bride hacking off her hair just before the wedding has become one of the most viewed videos on YouTube and has fooled many a journalist in this country too!


Sunsilk Canada were the brains behind the 6 minute video which shows a Bride-to-be fuming at the hairstyle created by her stylist. The Bride (played by 22-year-old Toronto actress Jodi Behan) then proceeds to hack chunks of her hair off with an errant pair of scissors whilst her two Bridesmaids look on helplessly.


The video has already been viewed several million times and a number of news stations over the pond, and tabloids here in the UK, ran the story believing it to be real. Only afterwards did the tuth emerge!


For us the star of the show is undoubtedly the bridesmaid who stands away from the action, half-cut on champagne, giggling at the events unfurling just a few feet away - genius! If you want to view the video (and the Bridesmaid!) for yourself, just click here - but beware, the Bride does get rather angry and the odd expletive does slip out. Enjoy - but don't copy!

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