As the Liz Hurley wedding bandwagon rolls on, more tales of what we can expect on the big day have emerged. Here are the latest rumours...


All guests at the Indian leg of the wedding are being asked to wear traditional Indian outfits. It seems as though stars like Elton John will be asked to wear a turban and kurta whilst Victoria Beckahm (if she attends) will be adorned in a beautiful sari. All outfits will be available from a newly-opened store owned by Liz and hubby-to-be Arun Nayar - now that's handy!


Speaking of Victoria Beckham, rumours of the rift between her and Liz continues to grow. Apparent comments made my Liz about Posh's weight and general appearance have not gone down well, which may result in the non-attendance of Victoria and new LA Galaxy star David - either that or they can't afford the flight on his new wages!


Posh may also be joined on the sidelines by Liz's ex, Hugh Grant. It seems as though his girlfirend, Jemima Khan, also has grudge againat Liz so may scupper Hugh's plans to attend. Scrap on!

As soon as we get the next updates, we'll let you know.


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