A Dorset Bride who was jilted just a fortnight before the wedding of her dreams, has just sold her wedding dress to none other than Chris Evans!


Brave Ema Knight from Portland was due to wed Paul Fox in April last year, but just days before the ceremony, Paul backed out, leaving a devestated Ema to pick up the pieces.


Some readers may be familair with the story of Ema whose 'unwedding' story was carried in a number of newspapers last year. To cut a long story short, Ema famously held the wedding reception regardless, and the Groom's role was taken by none other than her pet pug Dennis. The dog then even accompanied Ema and best friend Fiona on honeymoon!


Having recently placed a 'for sale' ad in her local newspaper, Ema was this week invited onto Chris Evans's Radio 2 show where he duly bought the dress from her - for 3500 more than she paid for it!


Chris's actions will no doubt help Ema move on, both financially and emotionally, and best of luck in doing so from all of us here at Weddingsday (and a pat on the head to Dennis too!)


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