OK folks, for those of you who read Wednesday's article, we told you we'd be back - for those of you who didn't, you probably didn't miss much!


Anyhow, time for part 2 of the Wonderful World of Celebrity Weddings...


Jodie Marsh: Pint-sized glamour model Jodie Marsh is said to be wanting three weddings when her and record producer Dave Doyle tie the knot - a traditional white wedding for their mums (not literally!), a fetish wedding (god knows what one of those is), and a beach wedding (that's more like it!). Big Brother starts Kenzie and Nadi are apparently to be invited, and I'm sure we all have that same look of horror on our faces when we picture poor Kenzie in pink latex!


Heidi Range & Dave Berry: The Sugagbabe and T4 presenter could be in for a wedding with a twist. Dave has allegedly called in favours from none other than the Scissor Sisters to perform at the wedding accompanied by, wait for it, the Muppets. Bet you weren't expecting to see those two names in the same sentence!


Denise Richards & Richie Sambora : The first rumours about an impending marriage between the Wild Orchid and Bon Jovi star have begu to surface. Apparently their wedding will take place in Milan and be kept quite intimate - only around 50 guests are to be invited.... a celebrity wedding in Italy, now where've I heard that one before!


That's all for now folks, but as soon as we hear any other little gems from the wierd and wonderful world of celebrity wedding, we'll let you know.

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