Eva Longoria, who plays Gabrielle Solis in the long running TV programme 'Desperate Housewives', is struglling to choose her wedding dress and is torn between two designers.


Eva is set to marry Tony Parker (the San Antonio Spurs basketball player) later this year. However, with Eva of hispanic origin and Tony with French roots, she is torn with regards what dress style to opt for.


Eva has been offered the services of two of her friends, who also happen to also be two of the world's top designers. Angel Sanchez has offered to provide Eva with something a little more befitting of her heritage, whilst Monique Lhuillier will design something more in line with her hubby-to-be's background.


Whatever her decision, Eva must decide quickly. The wedding pencilled in for July of this year, and are other plans are on track.


It obviously must be a difficult decision for Eva - just last week I was unable to decide whether to have my prawn mayo in a tortilla wrap or on a baguette, so I know just how difficult this decision must be for her!


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