The Kate Moss/Pete Doherty relationship is today surrounded in mystery as the couple deny that they have secretly tied the knot while they were on holiday in Thailand.


A number of newspapers are carrying stories that the infamous couple were wed on New Years Day on a beach in Phuket. However, Kate's agent, Stuart Higgins, today insisted that a Buddhist ceremony had not taken place and that the couple were merely away on vacation.


The ceremony, which in all likelihood would have no legal standing in this country, was said to be a romantic affair with the couple adorned in beautiful flowers with Kate wearing a silver low-cut dress for the half hour service.


Whilst legitimate weddings can take place in Thailand, unless certain rules and guidelines were adhered to, then Kate and Pete will need to follow their's up with a formal wedding before Kate can officially call herself 'Mrs. Doherty'.


Watch this space folks!


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