With the Olympics heading to the Far East in 2008, the sporting world won't be the only ones celebrating in Beijing.


Recent weeks have seen a new popular term emerge in China - 'Olympic Weddings'. The term refers to the weddings which are taking place during the early part of the sporting event, particuarly on the 6th, 8th and 10th of August.


The Olympics is a big event for the Chinese, and venues for Saturday 10th of August are filling up all across the nation. However, whilst the 10th of August is proving popular, its popularity is nothing compared with the 6th and, in particular, the 8th.


In Chinese culture the number 6 is considered lucky, and the number 8 is said to be particularly lucky. With this in mind, venues are being snapped up, and those on 08/08/08 are already virtually sold out!


As far as we're aware, getting married isn't yet an Olympic event, but if it was, it seems like the Chinese may well have the gold medal well and truly sewn up!


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