After walking his daughter down the aisle, Major Ian Field stopped, turned around, and proceeded to conduct the wedding blessing between his daughter and son-in law at the weekend!


Caroline Field, 31, from Oldham, married husband Neil Jones in a ceremony the day earlier, but the blessing, which took place at the Cottons Hotel in Cheshire, was condcuted by none other than her dad. Her father, Major Field, who is a long-standing Salvation Army minister, is entitled to carry out religious ceremonies, and even conducted his son's wedding eight years ago


Later, Caroline said, 'Dad was very cool and very professional, but he is like that because hes done so many similar things in the past. He was very composed but it was all a bit of a blur for me actually.


Best of luck to both Neil and Caroline from all of us here at Weddingsday. What do you reckon the chances are that in twenty years time we will be writing another article on Major Field - this time conducting the wedding of one of his grandchildren!


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