Today's the day that all the same-sex couples who were quick off the mark 12 months ago, will celebrate their first wedding anniversary.


The Civil Partnership Act kicked in last December and, since then, thousands of gay couples have tied the knot in ceremonies up and down the country.


For Gino and Mike Meriano, who were one of the first couples to make their vows, their anniversary celebrations are rather unique and apt. The Meriano's are heading down to a friends big day in Brighton, no doubt with a tear in their eyes as they look on and reflect on what a year it has been for them.


Like a number of couples, Gino and Mike didn't get unanimous backing and even received death threats prior to the day. Nontheless, they bravely ignored all the small-minded folk and are just as happy today as they were twelve months ago.


Congratulations to Gino, Mike and all those celebrating today - here's to many more years of happiness together.


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