The latest report by the Office for National Statistics was published today and it showed that gay Wedding fever was sweeping across the UK at a rapid rate.


The report indicates that in the first nine months following the passing of the Civil Partnership Act, some 15,672 partnerships took place across the United Kingdom.


Of the 15,672 partnerships, the lions share (14,084) took place in England (with London and the South East being the most popular areas for the ceremonies to take place), 942 took place North of the Border, 537 occurred in Wales, and 109 were held in Northern Ireland.


Around sixty percent of the partnerships were between men, with a good spread of age ranges taking advantage of the opportunity to tie the knot following that historic day last December.


One couple who won't appear in the next set of stats are Adam Macy and Ian Craig. The characters on Radio 4's 'The Archers' will join in Civil Union next week, bringing a tear to the eye of most listeners, and a confused look to some of the older ones!



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