We said we would let you know the real story about the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Wedding as soon as we got it - so here it is!


We can at last confirm that a Wedding date has been set for the happy couple to officially tie the knot.


On Saturday November 18th, Tom and Katie will tie the knot and become husband and wife. The marriage is due to take place somewhere in Italy at an unconfirmed location.


Few others details have deen disclosed as yet, but it has been confirmed that Giorgio Armani has indeed, as suggested in earlier rumours, been asked to create the Wedding wardrobe for Katie and her gaggle of Bridesmaids.


The guest list will undoubtedly contain a plethora of A-list celebs, although as yet the only confirmed attendees appear to be a certian Mr and Mrs Beckham. Tha said, the former may be dragged away by his Real Madrid boss who will undoubtedly be unhappy at one of his star players jetting off for a shindig on the weekend of an important league match.


So that's what we have for now folks - next stop November 18th (or perhaps we will be able to update you before then when the invite arrives!)

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