No matter where you turn at the moment, the names Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are everywhere. We have resisted the temptation to add to the rumour mill but think that is it about time that we give you our take on what the current state of play is.


So here goes.

  • Still no official Wedding date has been announed, although the current favourite in the betting is for a November bash.
  • Still no official location for the Wedding has been announced. Italy is currently toppint the likely list of countries, though rumours that George Clooney's pad on Lake Como was to host the event have been denied (for what's it's worth).
  • Still not 100% certain on the dress, though it does look as though a little number thrown together by some guy called Giorgio Armani is the probable winner.

In summary, it's all still rumours at the moment. If we had to guess we would say that it will take place somewhere in the world in the future. Mr. Clooney may or may not  be invited, although his pot-bellied pig definitely won't. Katie will wear a dress of sorts, but let's be honest, even if it were a 50 frock from Camden market she would still look stunning!


As soon as we know the real story, we'll let you know too!

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