The words 'Till death do us part' have never been so apt as they were for an American couple last Friday in a ceremony more resembling a funeral than a Wedding!


Jessie Hailey and his Bride, Emily Raatz tied the knot in a mausoleum at Hollywood Cemetery dressed head to toe in black outfits - a trend copied by the vast majority of their guests.


Arriving in a hearse, Jessie arrived late for the Wedding (has he never seen how slow a hearse goes!) which was also attended by an angel and a witch (one presume they were guests rather than the real things!).


The Service was relatively run of the mill, but as the couple left to head off to the Reception, again in a hearse, the words 'Till death do us part' and 'Just married. It's all downhill from here.' could clearly be read on the cars windows by all in attendance.


Just for the record, if you were wondering about the exact date of the Wedding, it was Friday the 13th of course!


Only in America!

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