Friday the 13th - such a scary day that they even made a horror movie with this as the title. So when Peter and Irene Anderson decided this was the date that they would tie the knot, you couldn't say that they hadn't been warned!


All was going well for the Aberdeen couple, that was until the day began! Having initially chosen the date to avoid clashing with other Weddings (let's face it, it's hardly going to be the most popular day now is it!), Peter and Irene headed to the Service comfortable in their thoughts that the hype surrounding the date was all just mumbo-jumbo.


However, just before the ceremony at the Town House in Aberdeen was due to commence, a strange smell hit the air. Nearby a gas leak sparked a major evacuation, and within minutes the whole of the city centre was brought to a grinding halt - along with the Wedding.


For nearly two hours, Aberdeen was like a ghost town, with roads sealed off and traffic diverted. However, lady luck did eventually fall the way of the Bride and Groom and the nearby register office was luckily available to host the Service and outside the danger zone.


Peter and Irene marriage went ahead, and although it wasn't exactly as they planned, at least the rest of the day went without a hitch.


For their honeymoon, the couple managed to grab a last minute cancellation to North Korea where they plan to spend their days walking under ladders and putting new shoes on tables (that's a joke by the way - the hotel in Pyongyang was fully booked!)

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