29/05/07: from Alison in Scotland
We have been engaged for a year and would like to get married soon but I'm scared to set a date as money is tight so we cant put down deposits etc. It is my second time but my partner's first - we would like a small service with a big party afterwards for all our friends and family, I just dont see it happening without booking things now and putting down deposits. Help!
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17/04/07: from 'Jodie' in Cheshire
We are getting married! But I have no ideas on a date! Want 2008, thinking September but is there any really good dates to choose. I love cats, Cava, Tatoos, Music, Travel, Magic and Fun. Any ideas?
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20/03/07: from 'anon' in Huddersfield
Hi, I am currently in my last year school, and really want to become a wedding co-ordinator. I donít know how to get into this type of job and was wondering if you could help me. Any information about your business and career opportunities would be great.
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15/03/07: from 'anon' in Kent
Can you help me plan my daughters wedding, can you recommend a specific venue, how much will the wedding cost and how much do you charge?
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10/03/07: from 'memmika' in Alton
My partner wants a religious service (or at least one officiated by a member of the clergy), but i'm not sure that i want a church wedding, is there any way for us to have a non church wedding with a member of the clergy?
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