My partner and i have lived together for 7 years and have a house full of stuff so don't really need wedding presents as such. We thought we would like to ask people for Thomas Cook (or other tour operators!!) vouchers, is this cheeky and any suggestions on how this could be worded?

The first thing to say is that it is neither weird nor cheeky to ask for travel vouchers as wedding gifts. In fact, in a recent survey from insurers Churchill revealed that 42% of wedding guests will give the happy couple, cash, vouchers or honeymoon donations.


So, panic over, it’s how to ask for them.


Well put simply, there isn’t a right or wrong way, and as the above stats demonstrate, many of your wedding guests will have been asked for them already so won’t even raise an eyebrow regardless of how you phrase the request. Typically, wedding gift requests are done so at the time of sending out the invites and normally in the same format that directions are provided, nearby hotels are advised etc. With this in mind, if you weren’t already planning to inform your guests of things such as this (a full list of what your guests may need to be know and ways for telling them can be found here), doing so can be a good way to ‘mask’ the gift request if you feel somewhat awkward asking.


With regards the words that you use, we’d suggest just jumping straight in – guests expect to buy the couple a gift and any of the following are good opening lines:


The typical request…. - Whilst there is no obligation to buy us anything, for those of you kind enough to do so, our preference is for X vouchers which can be bought from (store/internet etc.). You are welcome to bring them along on the day or (state an alternative method if you need them before hand to pay for the honeymoon).


The ‘little white lie’ approach…. - We’ve had a number of guests asking about what gift we would like as a wedding present. After much deliberation, we have decided to opt for X vouchers which can be bought from (store/internet etc.), and for any one who would like to purchase any, please bring them along on the day or (alternative method if you need them before hand to pay for the honeymoon).


Or the humorous approach…. - As you will know, we’ve been living together now for donkey’s years, so for pete’s sake don’t buy us any toasters, kettles or waffle makers as wedding gifts. Instead, if you do want to bring something along on the day, we have decided that X vouchers (which can be bought from ….) would make a much more useful gift than any kitchen appliance ever would. For those of you who insist on buying us an iron, teapot or anything else we already have, please make sure you also bring along the receipt.


I hope this helps and best of luck.

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