I'm working on seating plans but haven't had any information about table sizes from the venue as yet, what is the usual amount of guests around one table? I've got 32 after those on the top table and not sure how to split people up?

The typical number of guests around a table at UK weddings is 8 - which is perfect for your 32 guests as you can get away with just the 4 tables.


However, sometimes the actual table diameters can vary, so 8 may be quite cramped - 6 may be a more suitable alternative and you could opt 4 x 6 seaters and 2 x 7 seaters. However, we strongly advise that you head down to the venue when it is set up for a wedding (usually a Friday night is best and your venue co-ordinator should have no issues with you visiting) so you can judge for yourselves how many guests you can comfortable accomodate around a table.


We do have an article on the site entitled 'Seating Plan for the Guests', which is full of really useful ideas and is well worth a read, so you may wish to check this out.


I hope this helps and best of luck sorting your table plan out (we've been there ourselves, so we don't envy you!).

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