We are getting married! But I have no ideas on a date! Want 2008, thinking September but is there any really good dates to choose. I love cats, Cava, Tatoos, Music, Travel, Magic and Fun. Any ideas?

In terms of a date to choose for the wedding, there really aren’t any dates that are ‘better’ than others – to be honest it’s a very personal thing. Some would think an April 1st date for the wedding would be foolish, whilst others would think it’s a fun date to plump for. Likewise, the more superstitious folk will avoid weddings on the 13th of the month, particularly when they fall on a Friday, while others think it gives the wedding a novelty angle. There are a number of sites on the internet who deal with numerology if that’s your type of thing, the idea being that certain dates will be luckier than others – you could always try applying their ideas to various dates throughout the year and seeing which one you prefer. For a start why not check out the following two sites which may help point you in the right direction:




However, like we said at the outset, choosing a date is a very personal thing. Often couples will plump for an anniversary of the day they first met, the day they got engaged, a birthday or other special date – but not everyone will want to do this. There is an article on the site entitled ‘Setting the Date’ which is probably the best place to start. It looks at what we would suggest are the most important things to consider when looking to determine a date for the big day, and is well worth a read. The main areas covered in the article are:

  • Where Do You Fancy Going on Your Honeymoon?
  • When are the Bank Holidays in the Year You Plan to Marry?
  • Would you consider a midweek wedding?
  • Are there any constraining factors (religious holidays, venue availability etc)?
  • Are there any mad sports fans coming to the wedding?
  • How important is the weather?

You mentioned some of your interests in your question, but to be honest rather than trying to choose a date for the wedding based on your likes, it is better to choose a suitable date and look to integrate these aspects into the theme of the day. For example, you could name the tables after different types of cats, serve Cava as a welcome drink, enlist the services of a table magician etc. I’d suggest this is a better approach and will ultimately lead to a more fulfilling wedding.


Hope this helps and best of luck in making your decision.

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