Can you help me plan my daughters wedding, can you recommend a specific venue, how much will the wedding cost and how much do you charge?

Firstly, we should explain that we are not Wedding Planners as such – we don’t arrange any element for the day, nor do we recommend specifics or charge for our service. What Weddingsday does is to provide everything that couples need under one roof to help plan and organise their own wedding. We have over 1000 pages of information and ideas, a whole suite of planning tools, a huge directory of venues and services and a whole lot more – all of this is 100% free.


Nonetheless, we will try to steer you in the right direction and help answer your questions.


OK, first of all Wedding Planners.


Wedding Planners can arrange absolutely every element of the day, from the stationery to the photographer and everything in between - in fact they can pretty much do evertything for you if you want. In terms of a fee that they charge, these guys and girls will either work for free, charge a fixed fee up front, or bill you at a percentage of the total cost. This largely depends on what you want and how quickly you want it.

  • Some wedding planners will do their work for ‘free’ but beware that this usually means your choice is restricted as they ‘push’ you down a path towards goods and services from whom they receive a commission – in our experience, if you have set ideas about what you want on the day then these type of planners are not a good idea, but if you want ‘a good deal’ then this may be a sensible route.
  • The next set of planners will charge a percentage of the overall cost - normally anywhere between 10% and 20% depending on what it is you want organised. This is a fantastic option if you’re flush for cash, but as you may have guessed, the more the wedding costs the more they get paid so in most cases they will always try and steer you towards more expensive options. This of course isn’t always the case, and a good planner will work within your set budget – just make sure you know what you want to spend up front!
  • The third type of planner will charge a fixed fee. This will be based on an initial consultation with yourselves, whereby they look at what it is you want from the day and what you want them to organise. They will then normally go away and provide you with a quote a few days later (this gives them a chance to look at profit margins vis-à-vis workload for themselves). This is normally the option we would recommend, but it is worth shopping around. That said, you should be aware that you normally have to pay a consultation fee for each one wedding planner you speak to (refundable against the total bill if you book them) and this can run in to 3 figures. In terms of a expected cost, it really is difficult to say, but from our research you can expect it to be anywhere from £500 (for the skills of a rookie planner with limited tasks) through to ten times that for a world-famous planner with every element of the wedding to co-ordinate – on average we would suggest you budget for a figure of a few thousand pounds. However, as we mentioned earlier, it is well worth shopping around, as much to see the character of the planners and how your daughter/future son will get on with them, as the financial aspect.

We do have an article on wedding planners (click here to view) on the site that elaborates a little on what we’ve explained above should you wish to read it.


OK, with regards a venue, as we mentioned earlier we try to be independent and don’t recommend specifics – but we can point you in the direction of our a number of articles on the site which explain what it is you should look for when selecting a venues for your Service (click here to view), and for your Reception (click here to view). Once you’ve read them, a good bet is to take a look at our Directory - we have virtually all the UK wedding venues listed on the site so you can browse to your hearts content to find the one that’s right for you.


Now down to cost for the overall day. Our How Much Will It Cost? article breaks down the average wedding cost of £18,500 (we hope you’re sitting down when you read that!) by each and every element. So the Service will cost around £500, the reception around £5000, photography around £900, transport around £500, flowers around £700 etc, etc. We also have sections on each of these topics that outlines in depth what you should think about, what your options are, and how to make the final decisions. We also have a really useful Wedding Budgeter tool in the MyWeddingsday section of the site (you’ll need to register to access this – but don’t worry it’s free and only takes a few moments) which, should you decide to do thinks yourselves, then you’ll find it an invaluable tool.


Hope this all helps.

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